Construction Department

Building Inspector, Construction Code Official: Andre Brezina
Electrical Inspector: Edward Scott Lavenburg
Fire Sub Code Official: Timothy Culver
Plumbing Inspector: James Gonroski
Technical Assistant to the Construction Official: Desi Ruffo

All inspections are scheduled through the Technical Assistant to the Construction Official Desi Ruffo. 

The construction department is here to assist residents and contractors with the start of construction. It is the responsibility of the department to comply with all State rules and regulations regarding construction to insure safety and compliance. All applicants must submit completed application forms for review and approval. 

For permit application forms click here.





  • When is a Permit Required? A permit is required for any work done on your property for which it is not considered a repair, maintenance or cosmetic.
  • How long does it take to get a permit? Depending upon the scope of the work, the construction dept. has 20 business days to review the application. Some projects require “Prior Approvals” (zoning, engineering, board of health) and they must be signed off before the building department does its review. After prior approvals are received, the building department has 20 business days to review the plans.  
  • How much does a building permit cost?  Costs vary depending upon the project. Each subcode (building, electric, plumbing and fire) has a $61.00 minimum fee.  Additions are based on cubic volume, alterations are based on improvement costs (including labor costs) 
  • Can a homeowner do their own work? Yes, a homeowner can do their own work if they are capable. However, it must be an owner occupied one family house. If not, a licensed contractor is required. 
  • Can a homeowner draw their own plans? Yes, a homeowner can do their own plans if it is an owner occupied dwelling. However, they must show knowledgeable detail and have accurate measurements and sizes.  If a homeowner does not do their own plans, they must be done by an architect and the plans must be signed and sealed. 
  • What happens if I don’t get a permit? If you choose not to get a permit, you will be subject to a violation and penalty. Usually the cost of the permit is far less than the penalty. Building permits and their subsequent inspections are for your safety. 



Below is a list of the most common construction projects for which a permit is required. There may be other situations not listed which also need a building permit. It is always best to call the Construction Dept. before you begin work.

  • New House
  • Additions
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Finished Basements
  • New Furnace, Boiler, or Water Heater
  • Oil Tank Removals and Installs
  • Demolitions
  • Pools, Above or In Ground (Any pool 24" in depth requires a permit)
  • Shed (200 sq. ft. or larger)



Please provide the following documentation to the Construction Department:

  1.  2 sets of construction drawings… must be completed by homeowner or architect
  2. Completed Construction permit application folder together with building, electric, plumbing, and/or fire sub code section. If contractor is hired, a Contractor’s Registration Certificate must be included. 

PLEASE BE SURE YOUR APPLICATION IS COMPLETE BEFORE SUBMITTING. If all paperwork is in order, the department has 20 working days to review and issue your permit. A completed application will expedite the process.



Please provide the following documentation to the Construction Department:


  1. 2 copies of the property survey showing the location of the proposed addition (dimensions to scale).  This is needed for the Zoning Official.
  2. 2 sets of construction drawings showing the following:
    1. Elevation drawings
    2. Floor plan
    3. Foundation plan
    4. Plumbing riser and electrical plan
  3. Completed application forms, (building, electric, plumbing and fire sub code applications).
  4. Proof of Contractors registration certification if applicable (homeowner may do his own work provided this is a one family, owner occupied dwelling).


Borough of Wharton

Wharton is a community of approximately 6,500 residents in the highlands of Morris County. Wharton is located between Routes 15, 46 and 80, stretching south from the main entrance of Picatinny Arsenal, a major army research and development center, to Route 46 abounded on the west by Roxbury Township and the east by Dover and Rockaway Township. The Borough is approximately 2.2 square miles.

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