Public Works Department

Public Works Director:                 Scott Hutchins
Recycling Coordinator:                

You can contact us at (973) 366-2155

Garbage Zones

 Zone A - Garbage

BAKER AVE. ( Lafayette St. to Princeton)

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Starting January 1, 2011 there is a new law that prohibits computers, monitors, laptops, and televisions from being put out for trash collecting. Call 973-829-8006 for disposal information.




Hydrant Flushing

Every Spring & Fall the Borough flushes the hydrants. The date this will be done will be printed in the newspaper. You may experience a discoloration of your water after the flushing is done. To avoid any problems let your water run a few minutes before using.

Water & Sewer Payments

Water & Sewer are separate accounts and must be paid with separate checks. Combined payments will be returned.

Post dated checks will not be accepted – if mailed in they will be returned.

When moving please be sure to schedule a final water reading prior to the closing. We require at least a 72 hour notice to schedule an appointment.

Sewer Bills are mailed once a year, normally in January. Each bill has four coupons; one for each quarter. The due date of the payment is listed on each coupon. The home owner is responsible for the sewer payments. Please be sure to include the appropriate coupon with your payment

Sewer Back-Ups

Sewer back-ups are usually a result of grease build up in the sewer lines. To avoid this problem, please do not pour grease, oil or other foreign items down the drain or in the toilet. Discard in a container and dispose of in your regular garbage. A charge will be imposed on anyone found to be pouring grease or oil into the sewer system.

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AM Radio 1620

Wharton 1620 AM Radio bringing you information about the town throughout the year and important information during times of emergency.

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Contact Information

Located at 10 Robert Street, Wharton, New Jersey 07885
(973) 361-8444
Town Hall Office Hours
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Moday thru Friday

Borough Ordinances

Borough Ordinances provided by General Code.   Click Here to see our ordinances online.