Tax Assessor

Assessor: Glen Sherman
Administrative Assistant: Desi Ruffo

Local property taxes in Wharton Borough are administered through the Assessor’s office and billed through the Collector’s office. All property assessments are calculated based on the current market value and administered according to the New Jersey General tax code.

Tax Record Search

The Morris County Tax Board now offers the ability to search tax records online.
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Tax Appeals

Tax appeals can be filed annually on a property by the owner on or before April 1st of the tax year. An appeal must be filed with the Morris County Board of Taxation, the Tax Assessor and Borough Clerk. Direct appeals to the NJ State Tax Court can only be filed if the assessment exceeds $1,000,000. A tax appeal is an appeal of your tax assessment compared to the market value of your property not on your property tax.

When appealing your assessment, evidence must be supplied that supports the market value of your property. Comparing your assessment to another property assessment is not valid evidence of an incorrect assessment. Once an appeal has been filed, the Tax Assessor will review the evidence presented along with inspecting the property under appeal. Based on this evaluation, a determination will be made to either recommend a reduction to the County Tax Board or a defense of the appeal will be presented to the Tax Board at the time of a hearing.

The County Tax Board will hear all tax appeals prior to June 30th of the tax year and will render a judgment based on the evidence presented at the hearing by both the taxpayer and the Tax Assessor for the Municipality. The County Tax Board must approve any recommendation of reduction made by an Assessor. Any change of an assessment after January 1 of the tax year can only be made by the Morris County Board of Taxation.

Property Tax Relief

The State of New Jersey has a number of property tax relief programs such as Homestead Rebate, NJ Saver and Property Tax Reimbursement. The filing and approval of all applications are handled at the State level. Click here to see what programs are available.

Click here to see what programs are available.

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Borough of Wharton

Wharton is a community of approximately 6,500 residents in the highlands of Morris County. Wharton is located between Routes 15, 46 and 80, stretching south from the main entrance of Picatinny Arsenal, a major army research and development center, to Route 46 abounded on the west by Roxbury Township and the east by Dover and Rockaway Township. The Borough is approximately 2.2 square miles.

Contact Information

10 Robert Street, Wharton,
New Jersey 07885
Phone - (973) 361-8444

Town Hall Office Hours
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Moday thru Friday

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