Borough Clerk

Borough Clerk:                  Gabrielle Evangelista
Deputy Clerk:                    Robin Ghebreal

Open Public Records Act

All requests for government records except for Police Records go through the Clerk's Office.


The Clerk's Office is responsible for all licenses that are issued in town. All licenses (except for Liquor and Bingo and Raffle) expire December 31 of each year. Renewal forms are sent to current license holders in October of each year.

Types of Licenses:

  • Food and Drink
  • Games of Amusement
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Tables
  • Solicitor/Peddler
  • Vending Machine

This may not be a complete listing of all licenses necessary. Please call the Clerk's Office with any questions about other licenses.

Bingo and Raffle Licenses are regulated by the State of New Jersey. Only registered non-profit organizations may apply for a Bingo or Raffle License. Please apply for all Bingo and Raffle licenses at least 25 days before the event is scheduled to take place. For more information about Bingo and Raffle licenses and application forms visit the state's website.

Wharton has fourteen Liquor Licenses which expire June 30 of each year. Renewals are sent in April of each year. No new liquor licenses can be created, they can only be transferred. Liquor Licensing is also regulated by the State of New Jersey. For more information visit the state's website.


The Clerk's Office is also in charge of all elections.The next election is the General Election on June 2, 2015.


Registration requirements state you must be 18 years of age on or before the election in which you are to vote; you must be native-born or show proof of naturalization; you must have resided in New Jersey and in the County 30 days prior to the election in which you wish to vote. You may register by mailing a registration form to the Morris County Commissioner of Registration. Residents moving into the Borough of Wharton from another municipality in Morris County may simply complete a change of address form. If you moved from another county or state, you must re-register. Forms may be obtained at the Clerk's Office in Borough Hall or at the Morris County Elections website.


Instructions for voting by mail:

   1. Fill out the application. Print and sign your name where indicated.
   2. Mail or Deliver application to your County Clerk-Morris County Clerk's Office P. O. Box 315 Administration & Records Bldg., 1st Floor
   Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0315
   3. You must be a registered voter in order to apply for a ballot.
   4. Once you apply for Mail-in Ballot, you will not be permitted to vote by machine at your polling place in the same election.
   5. Your Mail-in Ballot must be received by the County Board of Elections before close of polls on Election Day.
   6. You will receive instructions with your ballot.
   7. Your ballot will be mailed on or after the 40th day prior to Election Day .
   8. Do not submit more than one application for the same Election.
   9. You must apply for a Mail-in Ballot for each Election, unless you designate otherwise under "VOTER OPTIONS."

This application must be received by the County Clerk not later than 7 days prior to the election unless you apply in person or via an authorized messenger during County Clerk's office hours, but no later than 3 P.M. the day prior to the election.

For more information on voting by mail please visit


There are five voting districts in Wharton that vote at two different locations. Districts 1, 3, 4, and 5 vote at the American Legion. District 2 votes at Town Hall.. Where you vote is based on your home address. Your voting district will be listed on your Voter Registration Card and your sample ballot that you will receive before each election.



To view the Morris County Voter's Guide visit

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